Ch Allusion's Passionate Blonde
Breeder/Owner: Allusion
DOB: 07/15/2009
Sire: Ch Allusion's Roxstaricky Buford
Dam: Ch Allusion's Dare to Compare

Finished out of Bred By with 4 majors (pictured at 4 and half years)

She is such a fun girl and really enjoy her. She is fun to show with plenty of energy and expression. Baily is very outgoing, smart and charming almost like Angel, but with an edge.

Baily is a good sized girl with a lot to her. A Bodhi granddaughter line bred on Ricky. She has the most delightful personality. She was a good mother taking great care of her babies. Baily is intuative and maintains a balance.




Ch Allusion's Dare to Compare
Breeder/Owner: Allusion
DOB: 12/07/2006
SIre: BISS Ch Allusion's Bodhisattva
Dam: Ch Sadepa Idril Bronze Allusion

Sullie Breed
Finished out of Bred By - Pictured at 5 years

Sullie is sweet and loving and in a few weeks received her AKC champion. She took breed over specials, her first weekend out. Sullie finished quickly with three majors from Bred by. She is sleek, smooth and voluptuous, a pretty face with bone and substance.

Sullie is easy and a good hearted dog with a lovely temperament. Her nick name the "penguin " as she sits up most of time when she's not in the show ring, and even sometimes in the show ring...

The Penguin - Sullie immortalized on the inside back cover of the French Bullytin, Breed magazine wins Ardeign an award for breed publications 2007.




CH Allusion's Above the Clouds
Breeder/Owner: Allusion Reg'd.
DOB: 05/14/2012
Sire: Allusion's Mr. Moe Millions
Dam: Ch Allusion's Passionate Blonde

Photo at 18 months finished out of bred by with a 5 point major

Sweet and well meaning, my work around a single pup litter with this pedigree. She is from a litter of five.

Melanie is very much like, Angel her grand dam, having many similarities. She has a showy attitude like her mother Baily. She out did her sire Moe. And, she's done well in the show ring including the four broken majors, she finished at 18 months all points out of bred by. Mel a nice girl and moves well with reach and drive.

Melanie prefers to be a good girl. Our finishing win was a good one at the Non-Sporting specialty show, Palm Spring over 30 bitches and out of bred by. Perhaps there a GCH in our future, we'll see.


Ch Allusion's Taurustrail Savoir Faire
Breeder/Owner: Allusion and Taurustrail Knl
DOB: 11/27/2010
Sire: Le Taureau A King's Ransom
Dam: Ch Allusion's Countdown to Ecstasy


Photo at 1 year
finished out Bred By

Madie is average to small yet very outgoing. She is go, go, go, fun, fun everyday is a good day.

Madie is a great show girl and fun to show. She makes it exciting and a good time for all.

1st points judge Jean Fournier, Cabrillo KC Sept 2011
Best Bred by and Group placement.

Limited shown, she completed her championship wanting more.




Ch Allusion's Ginger Fleur Angeli
Breeders: Mitch Roefe, Dale Henry and Allusion Reg'd.
Owner: Pat Carleton and Allusion
DOB: 04/25/2009
Sire: Ch Briarpatch's Tennessee Walker
Dam: Ch Allusion's Miss Mega Millions


Photo at 16 months
5 point major 1st time out

Gin-gin became a lovely girl. She is quite the traveler and goes with Pat at a moments notice.

Ginger's 1st time out March 2011, local Scottsdale area wins a five point major. Later we may try her at producing something special for Allusion. It's hard to say she's up for it being an only pup that tends to be single minded, and expects to be the center of attention. However I think she staring to have fun.

In efforts to maintain an American pedigree, Ginger is a beautiful option. She's a busy jet setter, to take time off.




Allusion's Edge of Glory
Breeders: Allusion Reg'd.
Owner: Allusion & Kelly Tortora
DOB: 12/02/2011
Sire: Ch Allusion's Playboy
Dam: Ch Allusion's Ginger Fleur Angeli


Photo at 16 month (pointed)

Smart brat but when you teach her something, she gets it.

Gigi runs her own show. She's a petite little girl that is well proportioned. She has been to very few shows maybe someday I'll get her done.



Allusion's Taurustrail Sunrise Suzi
Breeder/Owner: Allusion Reg'd.
DOB: 02/19/2013
Sire: Ch Tundra Toads Pillsbury Bandit
Dam: Ch Allusion's Passionate Blonde


Photos at 1.5 yrs

Suzi the pestilence and little cutie. Waiting on this girl in the mean time is the perfect pet Frenchie, house dog ever, along with her brother Gabe. I think we'll hit the show ring and try to have some fun.

She's almost 20 lbs of stocky, chubby and silly - I can appreciate her front and under jaw are some of her best, featuers.



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