Allusion - French for "Illusion" and after a few years in the French Bulldog breed, I decided to develop a small breeding program.  It is a slow process with only a few of dogs.  It has become a personal challenge of mine, to produce French Bulldogs depicting the physical type the name implies  "bulldogs" and "petit", French for small.  They are said to be historically mixed with local Terriers and miniature Bulldogs.  I believe implies small bulldogs with a bit more leg and are more agile, busy little "rodent racers".  The French Bulldog is not as heavily boned or exaggerated like the English version.  The French Bulldog's main distinguishing feature are the "bat" like ears. 

Companion Dogs - A little Frenchie is a perfect friend to come home to after a long day at the office.  They are great one, on one companions and wonderful family pets too. Their short, single coat and low maintenance make it easy to enjoy one, two or three of these little buddies.  We miss them, cherish them and watch TV with them.  They are comical little characters, they'll make you laugh and lift your spirits.  French Bulldogs are truly fun, loving companions.

Show Dogs - Personally, I feel if a dog meets the breed standard well, and I believe is able to achieve a championship title makes a good challenge for me.  One I hope to enjoy.  If all the world loves a winner, has not been to a dog show.  There is a big different being outside the ring, to being inside.  I prefer being inside the ring showing my own dogs.

Preferably the dogs achieve a championship title, and are healthy is when I like to consider them for breeding.  Finishing my dogs are just one part of my breeding program.  It instill a sense of pride that I'm doing all I can, to improve on this wonderful breed.  However, this is not an exact science and  many of the nicest dogs are not shown, for one reason or another.  It is just one of my goals to finish my dogs.

Breeding Program - My intention is to remain private and limited. I enjoy the anticipated outcome of combining pedigrees and physical types. I am very proud to produce beautiful show winners and enjoy being in the ring with them.

 "There are no kennels here"   Me and Pups

I feel too many dogs is not my idea of a good life for me or the dogs.  What Allusion strives for in quality are, visual appeal, correctness, type, temperament and overall health. Testing includes full skeletal X-rays for personal evaluation purposes. In some cases tests results may vary depending on the interpretation of the one reading the test. Also I've seen dogs that passed tests yet appeared would not. Typically testing is performed for my own knowledge and awareness.

My choice of pedigrees are not from the general French Bulldog public.  Professionally, I'm a computer programmer and database applications developer.  With my dogs, I take the time and study a growing database of pedigrees, noted physical characteristics and measurements.  Allusion's breeding future is determined well in advance. I really enjoy calculating the odds and proving my theories.  Obviously we all need a starting point and the risks, they're unavoidable.

It is not necessarily my intention to breed to the most popular dogs.  A Best in Show winner is not always a valued producer.  Handlers show dogs because one, they are paid to and two, if they can win.  This does not mean they're genetically well bred dogs or even healthy specimens. The Allusion lines are part, the original greats of the past and some of my own personal ideas.  My goal is to improve on consistency, balance and overall health.  I intend to prove myself worthy of producing some outstanding show prospects and healthy, good nature companions. 

Dogs and pups  Are placed on the bases of not fitting into my breeding program physically, personality differences and or health considerations undesirable for breeding.   Not all health issues are considered harmful to pet companions and often typical for the breed.  I personally don't feel all dogs should be bred either.  It can be so hard to part with a pup when I become attached to it, but I can't keep them ALL.

French Bulldog Rescue - If you have or find a French Bulldog in need, lost, stolen or abused please be sure to locate the nearest French Bulldog rescue representative.  In fact I am always here to lend a hand.

Thank you - To all those supportive with advise and guidance over the years, and to the friends I've made along the way.

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