Some Breed Specifics

It has been determined, by definition a number of vets consider French Bulldogs are susceptible to Hip Dysphasia and hemi-vertebra (butterfly vertebra) or otherwise known as bad hips and having bad backs. French Bulldogs compared to German Shepherds are very different and their physical characteristics often resemble the aforementioned deformities. The severity of these issues and the quality of the dogs life, and behavior may determine if these deformities are typical (minimal) or that your French Bulldog is genetically defective. X-rays will determine the existence of these malformations however an experienced veterinarian of the French Bulldog breed can better determine the severity of these malformations.

The French Bulldog’s gate slightly rolls in the rear with reach and drive. The French Bulldogs physical characteristics are they have an arch from their head to the shoulders. The back, after the shoulders has a rise or roach, with a fall before the tail. This unique formation quite often implies the dogs back has areas that are bent creating these curves. Within those “bent” areas often is where disk malformations are found. Certain areas have less of an impact on the overall health of the dog where others will have effects. Refer to French Bulldog health web site such as, health and genetics for more information.

Soft pallet – French Bulldogs are not often determined to have excess soft pallet tissue, obstructing their airways. Symptoms are typically spitting up foam or food, heavy or labor breathing and excessive snoring. Be extra careful in hot weather as it becomes more difficult and easier for them to over heat and suffocate. Check with your, vet if your Frenchie has these symptoms and is a genetic occurrence in this breed due to their pushed in faces. It is not a trait breeder should knowingly ignore when considering breeding pairs of these dogs. From generation to generation it can happen that your Frenchie may be one that ends up with this problem.

Allergies - Consult canine health and French Bulldog web sites for more information living with allergies if you should find your Frenchie has these afflictions. If they are scratching, constantly licking their feet, frequent ear problems and frequent dry, gummy or smelly coat.  Often times you'll notice these afflictions during allergy season. It is often caused from grasses, carpeting, plants in the yard, foods, bedding or other allergens airborne at that time. Stress or changes in environment can also mimic these afflictions. Your little Frenchie can be a sensitive one. Antihistamines and or antibiotics may be prescribed

Don't worry, it can be hard work keeping a French Bulldog, but you don't hear their owners complain about it. I don't know all there is to know, however I can only share what I've learned.

Always check with your breeder or vet for questions and support.

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