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When I receive phone calls, e-mail and meet individuals searching for a Frenchie, this is what interests me in a prospective buyer/owner.  You should find many breeders that ask several qualifying questions, designed to feel secure about the pups health and happiness.

Prospective Buyer/Owner(s):

  • Identifies themselves, name and general location (City/State)
  • Researched having some prior knowledge of the French Bulldog breed
  • Knows what they want (male/female; no preference is preferred)
  • Specific color is an option not a priority
  • Has none, maybe one or a small number of other pets
  • Works from home (not expected, but an attractive feature)
  • Small children are over 10 years of age
  • Does not have an unfenced, in ground pool or pond (in main area)
  • Can afford the proper food and veterinary care
  • Canine companionship is a high priority
  • Understands keeping a healthy pet
  • Fusses over their pets
  • Travels with their pets
  • Retired couples
  • Alternative lifestyle couples
  • Single professionals
  • Married professionals
  • At home spouses
  • Fenced yard - Apartment, Condo or Home
  • Owner of primary residence
  • Air conditioned residence
  • Single story residence
  • Schedule allows for a pup not left alone for long periods, often
  • Responsible caregiver qualifies when you are not around
  • Listens to the breeders advise and keeps them informed as needed
What to keep in mind
Sweet loving puppies

We can be very particular about "our babies" and want the best homes. We don't want our pups to end up in a rescue situation or worse a shelter. Many responsible breeders provide a contract to review and sign. This may outline a limited, health guarantee supporting major genetic, health concerns or illnesses. If the dog or pup is returned, the reasons, that would be acceptable. What are the terms if any money is refunded or if replacing your puppy is an option. The contract also protects the breeder from owners that might be neglectful or irresponsible.

I do not sell breeding pairs or dogs as livestock. I am not interested in others breeding the dogs I've produced for income. It is best not to guess if people will respect your reasons for entrusting them. Disappointment seems to come easy in the "dog world" if you're new to it.

Are you looking for a show prospect? Do you know what that entails? Should the dog be shown? What are the conditions and what it will cost you extra? If the dog is to be spayed or neutered when should that be expected to take place, AND proof of sterility should be provided to the breeder (for record keeping purposes). If there is a puppy back requirement, what is involved? What are the terms in which AKC registration papers are transferred or released to you? I mean really, how much say, are you willing to share about your dog. Stud rights, another one maybe your dog can't be neutered without threatening a lawsuit. Think about what you're willing to do before purchasing a dog from that breeder. Ask for referrals and check with previous puppy buyers.

There is a lot to be informed about. Some breeders withhold registration papers. Limited registration means your dog can't be bred or shown in conformation. As much as you may only want a pet, some breeders attach heavy strings. Be sure if you only want a pet, don't fall for outrageous prices and bogus reasons to pay it. Be careful of complicated and over demanding contracts. It can turn out to be a big hassle. It takes just as much work to breed and raise a show prospect as a pet. These are C-Section dogs and not easy to raise compared to other breeds.

More often than not it is timing when the right person calls for the pup or dog in mind. That exact fit with a new pup can be so special. Be persistent if you are truly interested - we don't mind. It has been one of my greatest joys knowing my babies are in happy homes, spoiled and fussed over. It shows in their faces and is such a good feeling to know they are placed correctly. Even if it's with me... just to know they have a good life.

It's so easy to fall totally in love with this breed. 

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