Iíve been lucky and know my pets have been exposed to some of these plants and are still here today.

Some plants may be poisonous to pets that develop allergic reactions to them.

However, you may not know which ones to be concerned about just in case.

Common Yard Flowers and Foliage
Caladium - All parts.

Chrysanthemum - Leaves and stems.
Climbing Lily - All parts extre
mely poisonous especially tubers.
Delphinium - All parts.
Elephant Ears - All parts.
Four O 'clocks - All parts.
Foxglove - All parts can be fatal.
Hydrangea. Whole plant
Impatiens - All parts.

Ivy (All Forms) - All parts.
Lily of the Valley - All parts
Lobelia - All parts.
Lupine - All parts especially pods and seeds.
Magnolia - Flowers.
Marigold - Young leaves and stems especially poisonous.
Moccasin flower (Lady Slipper) - All parts.
Morning Glory - All parts.
Peony - All parts.
Periwinkle - All parts.
Pinks (Sweet William, Carnation) - All parts.
Poppy (except
California) - All parts.
Snapdragon - All parts.
Sweet Pea - All parts. Especially seeds.
Verbena - Foliage and flowers.
Wisteria - All parts. Seeds and pods.

Common Shrubs
Azaleas - A shrub. All parts are fatal.
English Holly - Berries may be fatal.
Evening Trumpet Flower - A shrub.
Hibiscus - a shrub
Oleander - All parts. Foliage.
Rhododendron - All parts are fatal especially leaves. A shrub.
Yellow Oleander - All parts. Especially kernels of the fruit. A shrub.

Garden Plants
Asparagus - Berries and eating green shoots raw may cause dermatitis.
Eggplant - All but fruit.
Elderberry - All parts.
Fava Bean - Raw or half cook
ed beans.
Horse Bean - Raw or half cook
ed beans.

Poisonous Plants to Pets

Potato Foliage - Eyes and sprouts can be fatal. A shrub
Lima Bean (Java Bean) - Uncook
ed bean.
Rhubarb - Leaves and uncook
ed stems.
Rosemary - Leaves in so
me species.
Sage - Leaves in so
me species
Tomato Plant - Leaves and vines.
Wild Onion - (also cultivat
ed onion) -
All parts especially once they begin to decay.
Wild Parsnip - Underground roots and foliage

Fruit and Nut Trees
Angel Trumpet Tree - Flowers, leaves juice and se
Apple - Se
eds, leaves and bark.
Apricot Pits - Inner se
Avocado, (Alligator Pear) - Leaves, bark se
eds, pit, unripe fruit and stems.
Balsam Pear - Se
eds, outer rind of fruit.
Black Walnut - Hulls and bark.
Buckeye Horse - Chestnut Buds, nuts, leaves, bark, se
edlings, and honey.
Blackthorn - Fruit and bark.
Cashew - Shells contain a poisonous oil
Cherry (Wild and Cultivat
ed) - Twigs, leaves, seed pits.
Fig (Ficus) - Milky sap in leaves and fruit.
Nectarine - Se
ed Inner pit only.
Oak Trees - Leaves and acorns.
Peach - Inner se
ed, leaves and bark.
Pear - Se
eds, leaves and bark.
Plums - Leaves, inner se
eds and bark.
ed Oak Buds - (fall) young shoots (early spring) sprouts and acorns.
Sorghum - All parts.
Walnut - Outer green hulls.
Wild Black Cherry (Choke Cherry, Rum Cherry) - All parts. Wither
ed leaves are very poisonous.