Ch Allusion's Playboy
Breeder Owner: Allusion KNL
DOB: 07/15/2009 -
Sire: Ch Allusion's Roxstaricky Buford
Dam: Ch Allusion's Dare to Compare


In Memory of my little love.
I can never say good-bye. My heart aches without you and I want you back.
Don't tell the others that I'd trade every Frenchie I've ever known just for you.

This little guy is the best. My most favorite male Frenchie and the best little love I've been so blessed to have in my life. Otherwise curled up on the couch, closest to me, in my chair or rolling in dirt are his favorites. What he enjoys most about dog shows, socializing with everyone. He will talk and says, in his manner of speaking..."I love you".

Playboy. Adorable, sweet, charming and quite the silly character. He is a lot like his dam (the penguin). His personality is the best parts of my first dog, Nic (greatgrand sire). Sometimes I call him baby Nic. Peebs devoted, adorable and light enough to scoop up and carry around.

Playboy finished his championship with limited appearances in southern California and Arizona, out of the Bred By Exhibitor class. He was a multiple breed and group placing Frenchie. Finally updated 11/22/2014.



Ch Allusion's Taurustrail Player 2 Win
Breeder/Owner: Allusion KNL
Owner: Jordan Blake

DOB: 02/19/2013
SIRE: Ch Tundra Toads Pillsbury Bandit
DAM: Ch Allusion's Passionate Blonde



Another very special pedigree small compact Frenchie at 24 pounds
Pictured at 22 months

Gabe more like Abe after Suzi and Abe Segal of Taurustrail Knl. I am grateful for this opportunity to bring back an old pedigree after eighteen years frozen. Based on a collaboration between Suzi Segal of Taurustrail and Doug Cass of Player French Bulldogs. Special thanks to Barbara Cundiff for this privilege.

This guy is well balanced bone and substance for his size. He has a great temperament with an outgoing personality. He was shown on a limited basis and did well under the long time judges. He received Best of Breed over specials for a four point major, Best Bred By, and an All Breed - Group 2 from the Classes at 1 year. Gabe finished out of the Bred By class with three majors, on November 1, 2014.

Suzi is thrilled! She asks about Gabe and I'm glad to still be able to share this experience with her. The sire is line bred on Ch Adams' Traveling Man overall pedigree line bred on Ch KN'D Foxy Joe of Cox's Goodtime, son of Ch Cox's Goodtime Ace in the Hole.


Ch Allusion's Taurustrail Good 2B King
Breeder: Allusion
Owners: Allusion and Taurustrail
DOB: 12/10/2011
Sire: Ch Allusion's Taurustrail Tuxedo
Dam: Ch Allusion's Dare to Compare

This is a substantial Frenchie at 26.5 pounds
Pictured at 1.5 years

Cody bear... Xedo son, Bodhi grandson. A seemingly outgoing dog. He has many similarities to his grand sire and represents the best qualities of his sire in combination. He has a little bit of his grand dam, "Andie" English import coming through. She gives him a more outgoing temperament.

Cody is a multiple breed winner from the classes, over specials and group placing. He has become a solid, substantial dog. He has a sweet and giving personality and he can also be shy. He has proven himself and we enjoyed our time in the ring for now.

RETIRED with Brenda and John.


MBISS Ch Allusion's Bodhisattva
Breeder Allusion and Korie Baker
Owner: Allusion and Pat Carleton
DOB: 11/15/2003 - 06/02/2010
SIRE: Ch Allusion's Roxstaricky Buford
DAM: Ch Endeavors-Allusion Dixie Chic'



Bodhi was a wonderful dog. He was sweet, loving and enjoyed life. He had a lovely body structure, head, bone and substance. He appeared to be a larger dog and very bully at 26 and half pounds. He was a classic example of the American standard type, representation of the breed.

Allusion's 2005, #2 Breed National winner. Bodhi reached #1 in May, exceptional for a Breeder, Owner, Handler. Top ten for 2006 - Bodhi won multiple GROUP 1st over tough southern California competition. He was a multiple Best in Specialty Show winner and he out did his sire from the previous years.

Thanks to Korie Baker and Pat Carleton for the experience of a lifetime. Both accomplished horse enthusiasts that shared a vision with me in support of all my hard work.



Ch Allusion Roxstaricky Buford
Breeder/Owner Allusion
Owner: Brenda Schroader and John

DOB: 07/05/2002 - 03/09/2013
SIRE: Int/AM Ch Mon Petit Chou Millionaire Nic
DAM: Ch Joy's Mystique of Allusion



Pictured at 2 years, Judge Nancy Fingerhut

The Rickster, sire of Bodhisattva. He was the silly kind of Frenchie and quite demanding. A 50/50 split of his father and mother. Ricky has produced some very nice dogs. He is a two time, top ranked breed winning (and group placing), funny guy.

As a show dog, he did well in the ring and later became too use to me as his handler. He seemed happier at home. He lived out his life with John and Brenda as the king and (affectionately) a major pain when he wanted to be. Everyone needs just one Frenchie like Ricky to appreciate how comical and fun, especially the males can be.



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