When contacting a breeder many people don't understand the process. Inquires can be by phone, email or ringside at a show. Like me, some breeders also work in an unrelated field. Some breeders just work on producing Frenchies for the general public. Many breed for color and what the pet population want. Not quality, not pedigree, not health, not male or female, just the color of the dog. Allusion French Bulldogs is not a producer of Frenchies specifically for color to supply the pet, population.

Amanda Ashley, is the actual breeder of Allusion French Bulldogs, not a broker or importer for out of state or out of the country breeders. My dogs are not kenneled or kept in crates or outside in cages, or garaged. They are my family and live in and around my home with me. Some dogs don't always fit in or have more Frenchies than I want to keep, and some may become available for placement. Fortunately working from a private home office enables me to be with the dogs on a daily basis. I enjoy showing my Frenchies in AKC conformation events and working with them in preparation.

When people call or email and just simply say "Do you have any puppies?" I prefer you introduce yourself, tell me where you are located and how can I help you. I am not a clerk in a pet store. There is no huge yard with kennels and cages of puppies waiting to be sold. There are no puppies warehoused and sorted by color. People have a right to their preferences, with this breed a good, honest breeder that knows their dogs and consistently produces quality dogs is very important.

A lot of time is taken to educate people asking and answering many questions. Some breeders may become frustrated when people don't understand the process. Consider you're looking to bring a life long responsibility, into your home for better or worse, like a child, that never grows up. You should expect your pup to be raised in a manner that reflects your philosophies. Consider your approach if a breeder gets touchy with you. They may not want you to have one of their dogs. They may not like the way you sound especially if one of the most important things, is the color of the dog.

My dogs are a part of my life and it is personal. They are literally hand raised, in my home with a lot of care and attention. Basically the litters produced are perhaps two to three at most over an 18 month period. Some pups are held back to monitor their development and if they will be shown and kept to improve my breeding program. Some start out encouraging and as they develop decide to place them instead. Timing really is everything. So, get yourself educated on this breed because they are like no other.

To inquire about Allusion French Bulldogs
contact: email Amanda Ashley or 951-677-4062 located in southern California
between San Diego and Los Angeles county.

Thank you.