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The French Bulldog has become one of the top 10 breeds in the U.S. Avoid Non-American Kennel Club standard French Bulldogs, from rip off breeders.

Substandard colors are produced by combining other breeds with French Bulldogs. Not only are they not purebred they are poor quality, sickly and very sad interpretations of the breed.

People calling themselve breeders, are cashing in on uninformed individuals offering "Rare" colors with extraodinary price tags.

The horror stories of sick, blind and deaf Frenchies kept in inhuman conditions. Don't be taken in by "breeders" or importers, of puppy mill pups foreign and domestic, or that are, producers of bastardized genetics.

If you see credit card or Paypal icons, having multiple pups available, advertising "rare" colors or not registered with the American Kennel Club, these are crooks.

These people only want your money to sell their latest genetic, experiments of mixed breeds. They are dishonest and low quality so called, breeders.





"Franklyn Dylan"


GCH Allusion's BALIHAI of Suma

Contract Breeder Amanda Ashley located in southern California


Take your time, know what you want be open to the RIGHT puppy or mature French Bullodg. Don't be stuck on a color. Research the breeder. Ask the right questions as you would when making a purchase of expense and quality. You'll be responsible for loving and providing care to a dependent, for many years ahead.


A private and dedicated breeder of in home, hand raised, beautiful French Bulldogs located in southern California.

Producer of several generations of AKC standard, show champions.

Bred by exhibitor multi best in specialty show mutli group winning and nationally top ranked French Bulldogs in the U.S.

Allusion stives to better the breed for health, soundness and quality.

A family of generations based on classic, traditional pedigrees.

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